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Extremely minimalistic deodorant free of aluminum salts, baking soda, and other aggressive deodorizers. Apply only around a pea sized amount per underarm and avoid overapplication. Effectiveness scales with skin contact, and overapplication will have diminishing returns.

Store in a cool dry place with the lid tightly closed when not in use to extend lifespan and freshness. Pro Tip: A healthy diet and exercise makes a tremendous positive difference in underarm odor. 

Approximately 4 FL OZ.

Contains lard, arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide, and fragrance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Love the new deodorant!

By far the best deodorant I’ve ever used!

Danielle V
Hard working

This is a hard working deodorant, the scent is pleasant however quite strong.

J Dennis
Smells great all day - definitely recommend

It's a bit different than rubbing deodorant on with a stick, but once it's on, it smells fantastic all day long. I have tried a lot of deodorants over the years and none have been effective over the course of the whole day. That has not been the case with this deodorant. I have been putting it on in the morning and still smelling the great when I get in the shower at night. The greatest testament is that my wife and I were sitting near each other and she leaned in toward me, sniffed, and told me that I smelled great! That doesnt happen to often :)

I am going to be buying a couple more for my pre-teen boys who are starting to smell like a dirty locker room. If it keeps them smelling fresh all day then I am pretty sure this thing is a miracle product!

Wesley Wittman
Pine deodorant

The Pine soap is great but the deodorant needs improvement. It actually does the opposite.

Smells amazing, 1 hiccup though

We bought 3 of the 4 deodorants, they all smell fantastic and hold their scent for quite a while, but application can be hard. Probably not so hard for my husband with his big strong hands, but for me, it's quite hard to grip it hard enough to make the stick stay out when applying. It almost always gets pushed back in. Would love to see an easier applicator in the future, but for now the pro of the smell outweighs the burden on my weak lady hands. Hope to try out some more products from you guys in the future! This order was just to test the waters 🙂👍

James Strebing


Actually Works

First natural deodorant I’ve used that actually works. Will be purchasing henceforth.

C. H.
Very Nice Deoderant

I ordered the mentholated spearment and was pleased with the purchase. I was slightly worried it may be too strong a smell (like muscle rub ointments) but took a chance anyway. The scent is lovely and definitely not too strong. My underarms also do not break out or have a weird film after use unlike other brands I have tried. I only wish that the spearmint smell would last a bit longer but I don't know if that would be possible with our summertime heat!

Tyson C.
Needs to glide better

The coconut oil is such a great base ingredient but it has too high of friction to glide on the underarm area. It smells decent enough though. Although I was expecting a stronger scent like the soaps

Great for sensitive skin!

My mother found this company on and she purchased some of this deodorant in Orange Blossom scent for my husband who in the past has had many rashes or painful breakouts under his arms from deodorants whether they were aluminum-free or not. When this one worked without causing rashes we were overjoyed, I’ve come back to order more!