The core of AVSC is essentially the complete opposite of modern America, especially from an American business perspective. We operate completely independently, with no corporate suits dangling a stock price over our head. Everything is handmade on a small scale by an even smaller family team, to prioritize quality control and maintain a handcrafted feel to our final products. Our soap recipes are old school, with our signature Farmhouse recipe being a nod to how our great ancestors made it, and our True Castile recipe following the minimalist gold standard set hundreds of years ago. Everything is sourced from within American borders by American suppliers, and all end products are 99% natural or higher. We value greatly a no frills approach to everything. We don't use hype or six second brain rot shorts to convince you we are trendy. Our products speak for themselves, and our customers are our natural growth factor. Every product contains what it needs to perform, and doesn't contain anything unnecessary. Traditional, top-shelf quality skin care is hard to come by at a reasonable price these days. More often than not, our baseline prices beat similar quality Artisans. We constantly run discounts, and joining our free reward program adds even more value to our loyal supporters. Make the switch to tradition, you won't regret it.