• American.

      Our home base is in the great Natural State of Arkansas. We seek out domestic ingredients as much as humanly possible for our products.

      Standard Bar Soap 
    • Quality.

      Every bar is made the old fashioned way, cold and hot processed by hand. All soap is made without surfactants or detergents, like it should be.

    • Small.

      All products are made in small batches, by a small team, with a small budget. Your money goes directly into a small family business and is never taken for granted.

      Shaving Soap 

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    • THANK YOU.

      AVSC launched in late 2021 with a painfully anemic budget. Your support greatly improves and polishes AVSC every single week, literally. As our budget expands, packaging and quality of ingredients improves rapidly, and we can take more risks with R&D to make AVSC even better. Big things are in the pipeline, and it is all thanks to you.