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Stick Deodorant Now Available.

By overwhelming request, we went to work and reformulated stick deodorant from the ground up for much better glide and stronger scent concentration.

Natural Deodorant

The AVSC Difference.

In an industry full of detergent and surfactants, we brought back a centuries old, tried and true soap recipe. Tallow and lard is nutrient dense and extremely moisturizing to the skin, as well as being unrivaled in skin compatibility in the soap world.

Your skin absorbs and reacts with what you put on it, so you might as well give it something it will agree with. Ditch your gas station soap for a tradtional one, by a company with traditional values.

Small & Family Owned.

AVSC is a very tiny outfit of God-fearing people. We would never wear an expensive suit or slick back our hair. We say words that ain't real and aren't the fancy type. We value tradition and respect our heritage. We don't try to fix what isn't broke, which was the guiding ethos when starting AVSC. Every product is minimalistic and pure, and we always lookout for suppliers that align with our values. Every order is cherished and never taken for granted.

Traditional Soap