• Louisiana

    Invigorating lemongrass and rosemary essential oils, excellent for early mornings.

  • Arkansas

    Rugged and woody pine tar for the forest lovers.

  • Oklahoma

    Refreshing eucalyptus and lavender essential oils combine for a beautiful and refreshing floral duo.

Shaving Done Right.

AVSC started from a passion for wetshaving, and worked day and night for months to formulate a stellar shave soap that could trade punches with any other.

Shave Soap

    AVSC HQ is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We source all of our ingredients and packaging from American suppliers, and always seek out companies that share our values.


    We use cold and hot natural soapmaking processes. We never use synthetic lathering agents such as detergents or surfactants. We are continuing our expansion into essential oils in 2023.


    Organic beef tallow is our staple ingredient in our soap bars. Tallow contributes to a very long lasting bar, while also being one of the most skin compatible oils known to human skin.