Because of how the FDA regulates personal care products, any and all health benefits or claims must be taken as anecdotal. No product AVSC makes claims to cure or prevent any specific disease.

  • Eucalpytus Oil

    Thought to be a natural bug repellent, cough soother, and antiseptic. Has a relatively strong and pleasant herbal scent compared to many other essential oils.

  • Lavender Oil

    Thought to be a natural anticeptic, wound healer, and sleep aid. Lavender has a very pleasant unique floral scent that is relatively strong compared to many other essential oils.

  • Lemongrass Oil

    Thought to be naturally antibacterial, antifungal, an antioxidant, stress reliever, and anxiety reliever. Lemongrass oil has a fresh lemon and herbal scent, and is relatively very strong compareds to other essential oils.

  • Rosemary Oil

    Thought to be a natural insect repellent, pain reliever, stress reliever, and anti-inflammatory. Rosemary has a unique herbal scent that has a medium strength compared to other essential oils.

  • Tea Tree Oil

    Thought to be a natural insect repellent, antibacterial oil, antiseptic, acne fighter, and psoriasis reliever. Tea Tree has a unique medicine herbal scent that is relatively very strong compared to other essential oils.

  • Cedarwood Oil

    Thought to be a natural pain reliever, stress reliever, anxiety reliever, acne treater, sleep aid, and antibacterial oil. Cedarwood has a warm and soothing wood scent. Cedarwood essential oil has a medium scent strength compared to other essential oils.

  • Orange Oil

    Thought to be a natural antidepressant, anxiety reliever, stress reliever, acne fighter, and anti-inflammatory. Orange essential oil has a pleasant citrus scent, and has a relatively very light strength compared to other essential oils.

  • Spearmint Oil

    Thought to be a natural antioxidant, antibacterial oil, stress reliever, and antidepressant. Spearmint oil has a classic mint scent and has a medium scent strength compared to other essential oils.

  • Menthol Crystals

    Made from crystallizing Mentha Arvensis oil, menthol crystals may promote breathing, nasal congestion, alleviate headaches, provide a soothing cooling sensation to the skin, burn relief, and itch relief. On their own they are considered very strong in scent.

  • Pine Tar

    Thought to be a naturally antibacterial tar, itch reliever, and dry skin reliever. May relieve eczema and psoriasis symptoms. Pine tar has a very unique scent remeniscent of asphalt and wood, and is considered strong in strength compared to other essential oils.

  • Frankincense Oil

    Thought to be a natural antiseptic, antioxidant, wound healer, stress reliever, acne treater, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and scar hider. Frankincense has a unique earthy scent, and is very light in strength compared to other essential oils.

  • Myrrh Oil

    Thought to be a natural acne fighter, itch reliever, and may improve eczma symptoms. May promote younger and healthy looking skin. Myrrh has a unique earthy resin scent that is very light in strength compared to other essential oils.

  • Coffee

    When used topically coffee can be a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and acne treater. Offers a very off-coffee scent after being saponified, but still smells pleasant. Scent strength is light.

  • Tallow

    This natural animal fat is loaded with vitamin A, D, E, and K, and contributes to moisturized and healthy skin. When saponified it has a more stable lather than lard, but a ever so slightly lower absorption rate. One of the most underrated aspects of using animal fat in soap is skin compatibility, our skin shares much of the cell structure with tallow and is suitable for 99.9% of skin types.

  • Lard

    Lard is also loaded with a range of vitamins, most notably Vitamin D. Animal fat in general may be a natural anti-inflammatory, acne fighter, and moisturizer. When saponified lard has a slightly lower lather than tallow, but a higher absorption rate. It is also ever so slightly more moisturizing.

  • Olive Oil

    Olive oil has been used for skin care for thousands of years due to its hydration properties, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, and antioxidant profile. When saponified it has a very low and gentle lather suitable for 99.% of skin types.

  • Stearic Acid

    Every oil/fat is made up of a string of fatty acids, stearic acid being one of them. Stearic acids' overwhelming purpose is to stabilize, and when saponified provides a stable and long lasting lather necessary for shaving soap. Extremely skin compatible.

  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil when saponified usually serves one purpose, and thats lather. Big fluffy lather is needed to amplify the lather bedrock that stearic acid provides in shaving soap.

  • Fragrance...

    Fragrance is a synthetic string of compounds used to create scents that can't be naturally derived in nature, but can also be used to make a cheaper scent copy of a naturally occuring essential oil. Common ingredients are compound such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters, turpenes, and more...

  • ...

    Fragrances can contain toxic ingredients that may be linked to cancer, skin irritation, birth defects, and more in extreme concentrations and exposure time.

  • Alcohol

    Alcohol is used as a natural distributer, and because it is so volatile it is used as a carrier in Eau De Parfum. It is also a natural preservative.

Frequently asked questions

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What are your shipping rates?

All orders under $60 require an $8.99 flat rate shipping fee. Every order is shipped with USPS Priority Mail, and is usually packaged and shipped the same day when ordering before 12PM Monday-Saturday.

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns, even unused products. If you have a problem with your order we may issue a refund depending on the circumstances. Use the Contact Us page and shoot us a message.

What happened to your other products?

Niche products like beard balm, shampoo bars, etc. have been temporarily discontinued to focus on our staple line. They may return after we establish more financial stability.

What is "Fragrance"?

Fragrance is a synthetic oil that is made in a lab. Unlike essential oil, fragrances aren't at the mercy of healthy crop harvests and a limited range of scents. They also have no well-being effects on the body and do not provide aromatherapy. Fragrance is made to survive the saponification process in soapmaking and to transfer from the bar to the skin.

What is "Essential Oil"?

Essential oil is the essence of herbs, usually steam distilled into a liquid or oil form. They are completely natural, but because of their volatility they do not stick the skin hardly at all. They are considered aromatherapuetic, and can promote well-being in some depending on on the oil. They are extremely expensive due to very low yields, thousands of pounds of herb may be required for just one pound of its essential oil. Essential oils can also be just as aggressive on the skin as fragrance oil.

Why did your prices go up?

Over the course of the last few months we have expanded into a bigger shop with bigger equipment, as well as have started investing heavily in organic ingredients. These expenses have forced us to raise our price for now.