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Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

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Reformulated from the ground up for better glide and stronger scent. Approximately 0.55 ounces by weight. Small and compact.

Do not use directly after shaving underarms. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Natural Deodorant

This deodorant works!

Last month I wrote my first review with promise of a follow up on its effectiveness on my kids. Here is that follow up.
My oldest three kids STINK. Becoming a teenager is a smelly process and no big brand deodorant worked for long on them.
I bought a few different deodorants from AVSC and let the kids pick out their own to use.
They all like Detective and Lakehouse and have been using them for almost 2 months.
What a difference it makes! I can hug them without holding my breath now :)
Both my wife (with her heightened sense of smell) and I have noticed an almost 100% reduction in BO in them!!
On those days they forget to apply it in the morning, we can tell instantly. And quickly make them go put it on.
I give this product two thumbs up and recommend it to anyone that has smelly teenagers or a smelly spouse!
I am going to be stocking up because it's just too good not to.

The best 😃

This is the best deodorant. It has a strong scent that i love and it works great

Love the new deodorant!

By far the best deodorant I’ve ever used!

Danielle V
Hard working

This is a hard working deodorant, the scent is pleasant however quite strong.

J Dennis
Smells great all day - definitely recommend

It's a bit different than rubbing deodorant on with a stick, but once it's on, it smells fantastic all day long. I have tried a lot of deodorants over the years and none have been effective over the course of the whole day. That has not been the case with this deodorant. I have been putting it on in the morning and still smelling the great when I get in the shower at night. The greatest testament is that my wife and I were sitting near each other and she leaned in toward me, sniffed, and told me that I smelled great! That doesnt happen to often :)

I am going to be buying a couple more for my pre-teen boys who are starting to smell like a dirty locker room. If it keeps them smelling fresh all day then I am pretty sure this thing is a miracle product!

Wesley Wittman
Pine deodorant

The Pine soap is great but the deodorant needs improvement. It actually does the opposite.

Smells amazing, 1 hiccup though

We bought 3 of the 4 deodorants, they all smell fantastic and hold their scent for quite a while, but application can be hard. Probably not so hard for my husband with his big strong hands, but for me, it's quite hard to grip it hard enough to make the stick stay out when applying. It almost always gets pushed back in. Would love to see an easier applicator in the future, but for now the pro of the smell outweighs the burden on my weak lady hands. Hope to try out some more products from you guys in the future! This order was just to test the waters 🙂👍

James Strebing


Actually Works

First natural deodorant I’ve used that actually works. Will be purchasing henceforth.