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Farmhouse Shave Soap Puck

Farmhouse Shave Soap Puck

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Last chance, this product will be discontinued and replaced with The Final Shaving Soap this spring.

The Farmhouse Shave Soap ramekins are a website exclusive. Very limited stock. Double check your cart to make sure your ramekin is added to the cart, as they are a separate item from the pucks.

  • MADE IN THE USA: All packaging and ingredients are sourced from American suppliers. All shave soap is made by American family hands in small batches in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
  • OLD FASHIONED: Formulated with premium tallow and lard for a classic and smooth shaving experience.
  • 100% NATURAL: Each puck is scented with natural essential oils and made using the traditional hot process method.
  • RAMEKIN: The included dishwasher safe stoneware ramekin perfectly fits the Farmhouse Shave Puck. Place the rough side down for a better hold within the ramekin.

Approximately 4 Ounces (113 Grams).

All soap is handcrafted, please excuse any slight weight variance. Ramekins sourced from Acopa Tableware. Fits any 3 inch shave puck.

For a fluffier lather and better solubility, see our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shaving Soap.

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