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Eau De Parfum

Eau De Parfum

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Eau De Parfum is heavily scented and is formulated for 5-8 hours of lasting scent. A little goes a very long way. Spray once on high traffic areas and let it settle for 15 seconds, add more spray if a stronger scent is desired. Eau De Parfum is roughly twice the strength of our solid perfume and solid colognes of the past.

Contains grain alcohol and luxe fragrance. Avoid inhaling directly. Keep away from open flames. Do not consume. 

***We recommend shaking before use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joy Coats
Didn't like the perfume....

Didn't like the perfume. Soap was great!

I am sorry you didn't like the perfume. Thank you for your support regardless!

Michael Melusky
Great-smelling long-lasting cologne

This EDP will last all day, unlike more expensive designer brands. I constantly find myself mixing either Ghost or Atlantis into my daily routines.

Amazing Atlantis 💜

One of my favorite scents ever! Lasts for quite some time and get compliments throughout the day.

Worth Every Penny

As a huge fan of the Atlantis soap and deodorant, when this was available it was a no brainer.

This smells amazing! It is now my go-to cologne.

You will not be disappointed when you buy this. Guaranteed!


I don't usually wear perfume, but I was intrigued by the natural ingredients in this unique blend, so I took a chance and bought it. I am so glad I did! The scent is light and breezy. Perfect for spring! I really love it.