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Love your products!

I love all the soaps I have tried they smell really good and lather up well! The Siren solid perfume smelled amazing and hope that comes back in stock. Also tried the Atlantis deoderant and that worked well and smelled great!! One of my favorite companys on GAB!!

Didn't like it

The smell was too strong for ne.

Not my favorite fragrance

Lathers Well, Leaves Hair Feeling Clean

I'd never tried shampoo in a solid bar before. But, was pleased to find it lathered well and has a pleasant scent: vanilla, sandalwood, & amber. My hair and beard were left feeling clean and smelling nice. The knowledge also that my purchase is going to support a new American company and American employees, who largely share my own values, also gives me extra peace of mind that my money has been well spent. Very pleased with my first purchase and now will consider purchasing the other items you sell. When I told my wife about this review she now wants to try it!

lip balm junky approved

I am a self-confessed lip balm junky. Always looking for the perfect fix to keep my lips moist and kissable (well, I don't get to do too much kissing these days). Anyways, this one is a winner for sure. Smoothe and just the right level of creaminess. Stays on the lips without being greasy or filmy. My favorite flavor is orange, and the Blood Orange does it for me. And can I tell you how HUGE the jar is? I think one jar will last me a year. And I am a pretty liberal user (or so I think).

Do yourself a favor and just grab one or two or five. I promise it won't be wasted money.

Healing balm!

I have a crack in my thumb that wouldn’t heal and kept cracking open. Within two days of using this spectacular salve, it was healing and a week later it’s staying together and minimizing. It has a home in our first aid kit for sure.

Smells and Feels Great!

Exactly what was advertised, great smell, and great feeling when and after I used it. Awesome soap and will buy again!

Rich and Sophisticated!

A very mild, yet rich and sophisticated scent that has some playful layers to it. This scent is something I would wear with a three-piece suit, or flannel & jeans, it has that spread. A fresh take on an old spice like classic. Like most all solids, it benefits from "refreshes" throughout the day (or evening). Keep a container strategically stashed (truck, office, home, etc) and you'll be smelling manly all day.

Simply Amazing!

Amazing smell, makes me want to get closer to her. Draws me in, fills my mind with NSFW things. Perfect for "touch ups" (she carries it in her purse or car). If only it came in a lip-balm-like tube for a portability option. Still, it's a small container with a strong sweet smell, backup up by the complexities of the Rose, Amber, and Musk underlayments. Very well done.

Never used something like this, but it smells great!