The Profitability Initiative

The last two months have been quite a nightmare for AVSC regarding operating costs and new fees. This largely comes from Amazon, which has been annihilating our financial reserves as we try to advertise and penetrate the market more significantly, on top of the shocking cut they take for every item sold. We are still very much so suffering from inflation of ingredients and packaging to begin with, and the added layer Amazon and Etsy have been taking off the top makes it even worse.

We have adjusted our prices, and plan to put into place some more cost effective packaging measures this summer so that we don't have to start sacrificing ingredient quality in end products. Another significant change for the remainder of the year is restocking patterns. We are going to be embracing more shortages when necessary to protect the reserve capital, so that we can maintain our scale of manufacturing. This means there may be some stretches where your favorite scent or favorite SKU goes out of stock for a little while. The team at AVSC is eternally grateful for your support of this small business and we hope that you will continue to keep AVSC as your soap and shaving home.

- The AVSC Team

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