The End of an Era, Updated.

We are approaching another crossroads very soon. After months of tossing and turning over using essential oils vs fragrance oils, and developing a recipe that 99% of people would enjoy to use, we are coming up on being forced to go all in on a decision. We initially planned to keep trotting along and go with the flow a little while longer, but fortunately it looks like we will be securing a bigger manufacturing space before the end of 2022. This is great news!

This will allow for a much larger scale increase, more room for R&D, and more inventory curing space. The question now is whether we switch to all natural essential oils or not. Quality for our recipe is scheduled to increase again before the end of the year, and when we initiate this upgrade we will make the decision about essential oils. Please leave notes or emails about whether you would prefer natural essential oils or not!

Thank you for all your support and understanding. The turbulence is frustrating for everyone, including us, and we are still navigating a brutal inflation crisis that has directly affected our price structure and investments in products. For now we are going to continue crafting a plan while listening to customers carefully, and hope to have significant news soon.

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