The Anti-Marketing Initiative

We are no longer paying for our third-party review service, and have canceled any and all automatic emails that we can. At this point in AVSC's life we are more interested in customer service, and annoying emails are just that, annoying. If you feel compelled to leave a review, good or bad, feel free to do so on the Amazon or Etsy listings! If you would rather just send a personal review or have concerns about a product, use the messaging page please. 

Very occasionally we send out an email using the newsletter to let customers know about discounts and new products. From today onward that will be much more spaced out, even more so than it has been already. The goal is informing folks, not annoying them.

The best way to help AVSC grow has always been by gifting products to others or by word of mouth. Thank you all for your continued support!

- The AVSC Team

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