Shaving Q&A

Shaving Q&A

A Q&A for wetshaving, more tailored to The Final Shaving Soap.

Q: My lather is dissipating rather quickly, why?
A: Dissipation with TFSS is from not working it enough before applying to the face. Overhydrating your shaving soap will add work to your lather building, make sure to work the lather until all microbubbles are gone for best results.

Q: I struggle with razor burn, is there a one-size-fits-most fix?
A: Try using much shorter razor strokes, no more than half an inch at a time. Using cold water for rinsing your face will cause your skin to contract, which should help against microtugging by the blade. Cold rising your razor head will help against microwarping your double edge blade, which may help with a more uniform pass. Last resort would be to try using distilled water in lather building and face rinsing.

Q: How much of TFSS do I need to shave?
A: In our testing, one gram was enough for one and a half solid passes. Visualized it is roughly the size of a blueberry. This translates to roughly 200 shaves per jar, give or take a dozen depending on your particular routine.

Q: Does TFSS spoil?
I: Technically, TFSS can spoil. The shelf life is estimated to be about 2 years in good storing conditions. Avoid letting water stay in the jar, and store in a cool and dark place when not in use. Sunlight will destroy any type of soap very quickly, and shaving soap is no different. The scent will fade over time, so it is best not to wait too long before using.

Q: Do razors and razor blades really matter in wetshaving?
A: In our experience, absolutely. A cheap blade will bring a good razor down to its level, and a cheap razor will bring a good blade down to its level. Pair a good blade with a good razor. You can get an acceptable shave out of a cheap setup, but you will get an exceptional shave out of a good setup.

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